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Togg Luggage Pool 3D

Togg Luggage Pool 3D

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Togg The product that is 100% compatible with your vehicle model is here!

Togg Luggage Pool 3D
· It fits the vehicle perfectly with its specific size.

· With its optimum edge height, pool depth, product size and special design, it provides maximum protection for the floor and carpet of your luggage against dirt, dust and spilled liquids.

· Good quality Made of TPE material.

· Provides maximum resistance to abrasion.

· Does not contain scrap, waste or recyclable materials.

· It is black in color.

· It does not require assembly.

· Provides sound insulation in SUV, SW and CROSSOVER vehicles.

· Washable, waterproof, quick-drying.

· It is easy to clean and hygienic.

· Does not cause odor.

· Packaged in nylon and/or special box.
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