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Model Y Wireless Charging Pad

Model Y Wireless Charging Pad

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Solution for those who do not want their phone to be constantly charged!

Wireless Charging Pad

Your Phone Is Where It Should Be

The wireless charging in your vehicle is not only insufficient for charging but also overheats your phone. When you want to turn off the wireless charging feature, it is not possible. This is where the charging blocking pad made of rubber material comes into play. Thanks to the non-slip structure of this simple but functional product, you can keep your phone safely where it should be without reducing its battery life.

Can Be Cleaned Easily

Thanks to its waterproof structure, our product can be easily cleaned from dust and dirt and can continue to be used in pristine condition. In this way, you can preserve the original charging pad of your vehicle in its first day condition without wearing it out.

Nature-Friendly Raw Material

Our product does not contain any harmful products, thanks to the natural rubber material used in its structure.

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