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Model Y Mud Flap

Model Y Mud Flap

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Model Y Mud Flaps

Your Vehicle is Protected

Stones, etc., that bounce off the tire and hit the door and side fenders of your vehicle while driving on the road. We know that you have trouble with hard objects. You will be able to protect your vehicle without compromising its visual appearance with Model Y Mud Flaps, which are produced exactly as a solution to this problem.

Does not spoil the elegance of your vehicle

Unlike the large mud flaps sold as original accessories, Model Y Mud Flaps are designed in a minimal way that will not spoil the external appearance of your vehicle. Thanks to the special rubber material it is made of, it is both flexible and a product that you can use with peace of mind without making any noise in the wind at high speeds.

Easy assembling

It is mounted on the existing original screw locations of your vehicle with the smart plastic dowels that come with the product, and does not require any extra drilling. It can be easily assembled in just a few minutes.

Box contents:

2 x Front Mud Flaps

2 x Rear Mud Flap

1 x Mud Flap Mounting Set

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