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Model Y Luggage Pool Set 3D

Model Y Luggage Pool Set 3D

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Luggage Pool Set 3D

It is possible to buy comfort without compromising the elegance of your vehicle! Thanks to our 3D car mats with pools that we have developed, it is possible to get rid of cleaning problems and odors without compromising the minimalist appearance of your Tesla!

Your Vehicle is Protected Against All Weather Conditions

Your vehicle is 100% protected against snowy and muddy weather for 4 seasons with our car mats made of nature-friendly rubber material with superior waterproof properties!

Say Goodbye to Dirt and Bad Smells on the Vehicle Floor

Thanks to its pool design, your carpets are fully protected against liquids that may spill on the floor of your vehicle. Whether it's a sugary drink consumed in the vehicle or fish juice spilled on the floor... All of them can be easily cleaned with a single move, leaving no trace of bad odors behind!

We Designed With You in Mind

Our pool mat sets, designed with a minimalist texture in lines that will not disrupt the aesthetic appearance of your vehicle, have been produced specifically for Model Y to perfectly match your vehicle. Our product is extremely useful thanks to its non-slip structure. It will be indispensable for your vehicle with its durable structure.

Box contents:

1x Model Y Luggage Tray

1x Model Y Luggage Bottom Basin

1x Model Y Front Trunk Pool

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