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Model Y 19” UberTurbine Wheel Cover

Model Y 19” UberTurbine Wheel Cover

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19" UberTurbine Wheel Cover

The appearance of a 21" rim with the comfort of a 19" rim...

Moreover, thanks to its symmetrical structure, all rim angles are towards the front of the vehicle, providing a range increase of approximately 25km!

The Attractiveness of UberTürbin

It is now possible to use Uberturbine rims, which are normally available in 21" rim options, on your 19" rims at a much more affordable price! Introducing the 19" UberTurbine Wheel Cover.


As it is known, as the rim size increases, the comfort in your vehicle decreases. You will be able to achieve the Uberturbine view without compromising your existing 19" comfort, and you will be able to continue your journey without feeling the potholes on the road.


You no longer need to pay nearly a hundred thousand liras to buy a 21" Uberturbine. A more comfortable journey awaits you with T Parts UberTürbine covers at a much more affordable price...

Box contents:

4x 19" UberTurbine Wheel Covers

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