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Model SX 3 Y Lift Wedge

Model SX 3 Y Lift Wedge

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Lift Wedge

The simplest but perhaps the most important of our products. This is our call to all Tesla users, be sure to get this product from us or somewhere else!

It is of vital importance

Dear customers, as you know, Tesla vehicles, unlike normal vehicles, carry their battery, one of the most vital organs, in the lower part of their bodies. This battery carries the risk of being damaged as a result of being hit by the lift leg, especially at points such as tire shops and service centers that do not have adequate equipment when lifting the vehicle onto a lift. This product creates a safe distance between the battery and the lift arm by placing it at the lifting points of the vehicle, as shown in the sample photographs. This product is among the most important Tesla accessories.

Must Be Found in Every Vehicle

As a Tesla user team, it is our recommendation that all Tesla users have this simple Tesla equipment, which is affordable in price and vital in function, in their vehicles, just in case.

Box contents:

1x Quadruple Lift Wedge Set

1x T Parts Carrying Bag

NOTE: The vehicle lifting points in the photos are not the same for every Tesla model, so please refer to your vehicle owner's manual for accurate information specific to your vehicle.

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